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The Alanreed Cemetery was established in 1904. It is located on Historic Route 66 in the town of Alanreed, Texas.

Quarterly Association Meeting - The Alanreed Cemetery Association met October 10, 2016. Discussion centered on maintenance, improvement activities, and status of the application for Historical Texas Cemetery (HTC) designation. New crosses were obtained to replace defective crosses to hold veteran flags and provide for future needs. The cemetery directory enclosure contains an updated directory and site map as well as references to this website.

A special meeting was held on November 1, 2016, to discuss modifications to the entrance sign. Based on reseach for HTC designation, the date the cemetery was established is changed from 1890 to 1904, with first interment in 1899. Changes to the entrance signage were approved, pending funding.

Cemetery Maintenance
Final mowing for the season was completed in early September, and Gray County graded the fire lane on the south side of the cemetery.

Many thanks to families who are cleaning their plots!!!

The cemetery is managed by the Alanreed Cemetery Association, EIN 75-2847376, a 501 (c) (13) non-profit organization, dedicated to ensuring the Cemetery is historically preserved and maintained for past, present and future interments, their families and loved ones. Donations provide for care and maintenance of the cemetery.
This website is dedicated to Billy Bob Adams, who contributed immensely to the care of the Alanreed Cemetery.
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