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The cemetery was established in 1904, although the first marked grave is 1899. On May 23,1918, E.B. Reeves, the first Sheriff of Alanreed, deeded the property for the cemetery. The town of Alanreed kept the interment records until the Alanreed Cemetery Association was organized on May 20, 1964. By-laws were drawn up and signed by the first elected officers: Mr. Ollie Hommel, President; Mr. S. T. Greenwood, Vice President; Mrs. Anita Palmer McKee, Secretary; and Mrs. Mabel Crisp Worsham, Treasurer. Trustees were also elected at this time: Mr. Marvin Hall, Mrs. May Moreman, and Mrs. Gladys Hill.

Attorney Clyde Slavin of Clarendon donated his services as attorney for the Cemetery Association. A donation of $5,000 was given to improve the cemetery and complete a survey. The survey, a book of interred and future interred in the Alanreed Cemetery, and a map of all blocks, dimensions, and block numbers were prepared February 1966 by Merrimans Barber of Pampa. Upkeep of the cemetery is accomplished through donations and voluntary service of individuals and Association members.
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